Vircator formed in 2012 after its members ventured into other projects so varied that they span the entire spectrum from pop to metal.

It was the appeal of experimental rock that brought together Pedro Cunha (guitar/voice), Paulo Noronha (drums), Pedro Carvalho also (guitar) and Marcelo Peixoto (bass). In January 2015, Gustavo Ribeiro joins in the guitar in place of Pedro Cunha.

That is how vicartor came to be the band they are today, with the release of their 1st EP they prove from the start they are one of the new Portuguese bands betting on comfortable rides in the landscapes of ups and downs of rock and post -rock without confining or restricting to square cataloging.

The 1st album was released at January 3rd. 2016 Recorded at HertzControl Studios by Marco Lima. Studios) and lead them to their first European Tour.

With  the 2 nd album “Sar-I-Sang”, Vircator invite you to take a deep ride into cosmic and volcanic landscapes. Although the band’s identity is maintained, this album is an authentic surprise: it’s a powerfull, and emotional ride, balanced by calm and sweeping moments.


“Sar-I-Sang” to be released on 6th September 2017 by Raging Planet. Recorded at Lion Studios by Pedro Correia. Mix and mastered by Pedro Correia. Album art by Hanna Baer.

EP and ALBUM ‘s available 
on BandCamp.

The band